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Altos is an EDA company that provides ultra fast characterization technology to enable IP reuse via accurate modeling of timing, noise, power and process variation.

2011 Press Releases

04.12.11 Altos Selected by Texas Instruments for 2010 Supplier Excellence Award
04.06.11 Texas Instruments Honors Altos as one of 16 companies for supplier excellence
04.05.11 Altos' New 3.1 Version Speeds IP Characterization Throughput by 2-3X
04.05.11 Berkeley Design Automation and Altos Accelerate Complex I/O Characterization
01.02.11 Altos' Complex I/O Characterization and IP Validation Tools Being Utilized by ON Semiconductor

2010 Press Releases

10.11.10 MoSys Deploys Altos' Liberate for High Speed I/O Characterization
06.14.10 Concept Engineering's Nlview Visualization Engine Adopted by Altos Design Automation to Power New Debug and Process Control GUI
06.14.10 Altos Expands into China, Doubles Headquarters Space, Adds Worldwide Sales VP
06.10.10 Altos and Extreme DA Team to Create Accurate Industry Standard CCS Noise Models
05.10.10 Netlogic Microsystems Utilizes Altos' Liberate MX for Embedded Memory Characterization on 40nm Tapeout
03.08.10 Imec and Altos collaborate on chip design and prototyping service

2009 Press Releases

12.14.09 Altos Release Variety MX for Statistical Memory Characterization
(View datasheet)
07.15.09 Altos Launches Liberate MX for Fast and Accurate Memory Characterization
(View datasheet, White paper)
07.15.09 CSR Adopts Liberate LV for Library Validation
07.15.09 Altos Announces Liberate LV for Comprehensive Library Validation
(View datasheet)
07.15.09 EdXact and Altos Partner to Improve Characterization Performance
03.02.09 Altera Adopts Altos Liberate Cell Characterization for Hardcopy ASIC's
01.23.09 Altos Forms Pal O’Altos Partner Program to Foster IC Yield Improvement and Power Reduction
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